Welcome to A Beautiful Brand!  I’m so glad that you stopped by my new site.  My name is RobbieLee and I’m a graphic designer + crafty entrepreneur who has a desire to support our creative small business community and keep it beautiful!  Our community is growing by the day and just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on your brand.  I went to school for graphic design + animation and have learned a lot since being out on my own (dare I say for nearly 7 years now – eek!) and I want to share it with you.  I can help brand you and show you how to maintain that brand to support the success of your creative small business.  Contact me for a quote.  As a small business owner, I understand that money can be tight and that’s why I design at a fair price.  In addition, I want to share my experiences and the things that I’ve learned along the way, right here on this blog.

I’ve been building brands for clients over the past 7 years and decided to start this public blog as a place for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, to learn how to create and maintain your brand.  Whether you design it yourself or have me help – it needs to represent your business well.  Your Identity and Brand are the most important things when it comes to your creative small business, next to your product or service, of course.  Your Identity and Brand, together, make up how your small business is perceived as a whole.

Your Branding consists of things like colors, fonts, logo and tagline.  But, it also consists of how your audience connects to it emotionally.  Your Identity consists of specific guidelines that either you or your designer set into place.  These set guidelines must be followed to keep everything clear and coherent.  You want your audience to recognize your creative small business through all forms of communication that you send out and display.  You want them to recognize your business quickly. This means that you stick to chosen body-fonts, layouts, colors and even measurements (i.e. kerning, leading, spacing, etc.).  Your logo, business cards, marketing materials, products and packaging are all a part of your Identity, along with anything that represents your small business.  The tone that you convey while interacting with your audience and customers (i.e. email, phone, blog, twitter, in person, etc.), is also part of your Identity.  Your Identity supports your Brand.

So, if your logo is part of both your Identity and Branding, then it must be important, right?  Yes!  Your logo is the simplest and quickest way to identify your creative small business.  So it better be good, right?!

In addition to branding, I also want to share business and blogging tips to help you grow.  Maintaining your brand is so much more than slapping your logo on a few things.

Anyhoo, I can go on and on all day about this, so I’ll save something to chat about tomorrow.  I do hope to see you around soon and if you’re in need of some branding or re-branding, contact me and I’d love to help!  Thank you for sharing this Small Business Saturday with me to help me launch this site; I thought it was pretty fitting!

I’ll see you tomorrow with my Blog Story!