Welcome to A Beautiful Brand

the girl

I’m RobbieLee, a creative who’s passionate about brand development, design, entrepreneurship, and making Roblins.  I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband Ron, two Blue Heeler pups (Frankie Li + Tucker Bean), and our socialite cat, Brutus James.

I’m easily inspired by things around me and want to share in return.  That’s probably why I write for and maintain 3 blogs:  A Beautiful Brand, The Roblin Shop + Chickiedee Handmade.  I never liked the idea of confining myself to doing only one thing in life.  I have so many interests to explore, so I don’t see the point in having to choose only one.  If I can, then I will.  My 3 blogs allow me to creatively express all aspects that make up who I am.  A Beautiful Brand allows me to feed my hunger for beautiful design, identity + branding, and sharing the entrepreneurial spirit.  The Roblin Shop is where I share and sell my quirky handmade Roblins that will soon take over the world!  Then, Chickiedee Handmade serves as a place to share my travels + adventures, lifestyle, DIY, inspiration, and anything else that I decide to do.

 the blog

A Beautiful Brand is a place for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, to learn how to maintain your brand.  Your identity and brand are the most important things when it comes to your creative small business, next to your product or service.  Your identity and brand, together, make up how your creative small business is perceived as a whole.

I believe that in order to be successful, you need a strong brand.  Here, I offer my design services, as well as, my experiences and things that I’ve learned along the way; both as a creative small business owner and a creative.  I want you to succeed and I want our community to grow and stay beautiful.  So, whether you’re a crafter wanting to sell your handmade goodies, a photographer needing some business tips, or a band trying to move forward, there’s something here for you.

the services

• Brand Development  |  logo, social media icons, business cards, stationary, rubber stamp design, email signature
• Art Direction  |  guiding you and your brand in the right direction
• Print Design  |  page layout, flyers, brochures, killer resumés, package design, t-shirt design

I specialize in brand development + design, so although I don’t print any of the actual products in-house, I do know of some super-stellar and very talented people who do.  So, once you and I finalize your designs, we will reach out to the product developers, together.  I’ll be here with you every step of the way.  Promise.  Contact me for a quote.

the bottom line

Your branding consists of things like colors, fonts, a logo and tagline.  But, it also consists of how your audience connects to it emotionally.  Your identity will have specific guidelines that you and I set into place.  These set guidelines must be followed to keep everything clear, coherent and consistent.  You want your audience to recognize your creative small business through all forms of communication that you send out and display.  You want them to recognize your business quickly each time that they come across it.  This means that you stick to chosen body-fonts, layouts, colors and even measurements (i.e. kerning, leading, spacing, etc.).  Your logo, business cards, marketing materials, products and packaging are all a part of your identity, along with anything that represents your creative small business.  The tone that you convey while interacting with your audience and customers (i.e. email, phone, blog, twitter, in person, etc.), is also part of your identity.  Your identity supports your brand, and your brand is your business.

Bam!  So, now that you know who I am and what I do, contact me for a quote.  Let’s make your creative small business look awesome!