I enjoy learning new things and I’m always looking for ways to better my craft.  From time to time I come across some great resources that are totally worth sharing (yay!).  So, I thought that I’d start a new series, titled, Resources.

Here you’ll find helpful resources covering many different areas to help aid in the success of your creative small business.  Today I thought that I’d start by sharing a great Photography 101 resource that I came across yesterday.  Latrina, of Of Trees and Hues, is a California-based blogger and photographer.  I found her Photography 101 series to be quite easy to follow and very informative.  She does a great job at keeping it simple and to the point, which I love.

I love taking photos with my Nikon (and iPhone), but know that there is always room for improvement.  So, when I have time, I like to refresh my memory and skills.  I have to admit, the numbers of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed can really get my brain in a twist. — Is it the opposite of what I think, or the other way around?  I don’t know.  — See why I have to take some mini refresher courses?

I hope this series acts as a great resource in and of itself for you as I think that it will for me.  I feel good to finally have a place to compile all of my resources for easy access, and you get to benefit from it, as well.  Enjoy!