I recently had the privilege of branding my dear friend, Jessica Cogbill, of Jessica Cogbill Photography.  She is one of the warmest and kindest people that I know.  We have been friends for about 27 years now (since we were 5) and she has supported me in every business venture that I’ve ever taken on.  Now, I finally got the chance to return the favor by supporting her in her new life venture.  On January 18th of this year, Jessica officially launched her start-up photography business!  I’m so proud of her and excited to she what this year brings for her.

By nature, Jessica is very organized and neat, so I wanted to carry that through her entire brand, from her logo to her thank you cards.  She was looking for a clean and crisp look to convey a happy, fun and natural feel.

“I love clean and simple!”
– Jessica Cogbill

The key elements that Jessica knew that she wanted were the color palette (teal, white + black) and an arrow.  The arrow was particularly important, because they remind her of being focused.

“Something that I like is that you have to direct them in the area you want them to go in….starting my own business is a huge goal and I need to be focused.”

It was also important that the arrow was moving forward, because it represents moving in a positive direction; into the future.  She aims to provide you with images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Capturing life’s moments has always been important to Jessica.  I have always known her to be the friend that documents each event, so it’s only natural that she started her own photography business.  There is more to why Jessica started her business, however.  She had a driving force behind her.

“I never really valued a “good picture” until my husband and I sat down to view the cd of our wedding pictures. Family and friends came from all over the U.S to be with us on our special day, everything was so beautiful, and we shared our first kiss EVER!  When we put the cd of images into our computer we clicked through thousands of pictures and we were met with heartache, regret, and tears. All of the images were underexposed, overexposed, blurry, zoomed in too closely, horrible and unflattering angles, etc. The worst part was all of the “epic” moments of a wedding were not even captured at all! It took me 2 years to actually be able to look through the whole cd without crying and I was so jealous of everyone else’s beautiful pictures! I learned quickly that just because someone has a nice camera does not mean they are a photographer! A photographer must know how to use light and that is the recipe for beautiful images! The feeling my husband and I had when viewing our wedding pictures drove me to want to learn how to take pictures so that someone else would NEVER feel how we did that night. I want to portray the beauty of family, laughter, aging, and life experiences in a flattering way! Life events can never be re-created, the beauty of a bride and groom on their wedding day can never be re-captured, and a genuine smile captured is true beauty. It was my own fault for not studying how important photography actually is or knowing how much goes in to taking a great photo. My wedding photo cd is my biggest teacher and regret. I use the feeling of disappointment to study hard to provide quality images!”

I admire how Jessica took her feeling of disappointment and combined that with her love of capturing lifes precious moments to provide a service for others.  These negative feelings drove her forward to master her techniques and to allow her to offer something beautiful.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they do what they do.  I am so in love with this brand, because it truly captures Jessica, both as a person and as a professional.

Jessica is a natural light photographer, so she shoots outdoors.  She photographs everything from maternity and newborn moments and beyond.  If you’re in the surrounding Memphis, TN area, contact her to book your session today. Oh!  And she travels back to Colorado multiple times a year, so if you’re in the Denver area, you can contact her as well.

Materials created: logo, watermark, Facebook imagery, business cards, and thank you cards.