Hello again!  Since this is a new blog, I thought it would only be appropriate to introduce myself and share a bit more with you.  As I mentioned before, I’m a graphic designer + crafty entrepreneur who lives in colorful Colorado.  You might know me best through my small creative business, Chickiedee | Handmade.  I started Chickiedee nearly 7 years ago and it consists of a shop full of my handmade goodies, as well as my lifestyle/craft blog.  In addition to Chickiedee, I’ve been designing professionally for nearly 7 years now and love every second of it!

I’m married to my College sweetheart, Ron, and we have our lazy-yet-loving cat, Brutus James and our two hyper Blue Heeler pups, Frankie Li and Tucker Bean.  I’m the oldest of four kids and have the best parents that I could ever ask for.  Life is grand, isn’t it?!  Ron and I have been married for just over 5 years now (together for over 10!) and we haven’t had the official ‘kiddo talk’ yet, but I imagine it will come up soon.  We always say, “when we have kids…” hahaha.  Ron wanted kiddos 4 years ago and I just wasn’t ready (so scary), but now I think I’m catching the baby fever, yikes!  I mean, have you seem my “Future Kiddos” and “Maternity” Style Pin boards?!  Our new home was finished in October and we’re slowly getting settled.  We have a ton more space now, so who knows…

Hummm, what other random tidbits can I share with you?  In the Winter, I like to snowboard and in the Summer I like to wakeboard.  I also started Roller Derby last year, but sadly had to take a break due to a fractured pelvis and lower vertebrae… ouch!  I’m really hoping to get back in there soon, but have to admit that there is a little fear occupying the back of my mind that wasn’t there before.  Having back pain is like owning a dog, if you have it then you understand completely.  I now can empathize with others who’ve hurt their backs… my husband included.  Here’s a little secret, my husband has had back pain for years and although I knew it was painful, I figured he was being soft and just needed extra cuddles.  Now, I understand. Completely.

I’m also currently awaiting the removal of my braces!!!  I hope to have them off before March.  It’s been interesting having braces while I’m… (ahem) older, but I feel that I appreciate them and look forward to straight teeth.  They do take off about 10 years, so who’s complaining?  Haha.  I get mistaken for a teen all too often and my tiny voice doesn’t help!  But, I’ll enjoy being carded while it lasts.

In addition to crafty projects, and design work, I love to travel.  The Mr. and I have been to so many different places, all over the world, and I can’t wait for our next trip!  Big, little, it doesn’t matter, we love to see new places and experience new things.  How about you, where’s the best place that you’ve ever been?!

Thank you for stopping by and if you need a brand built or have small business questions, feel free to ask.